Patient Involvement App

Offer your patients all the information and advice they need, where and when they need it.

Put the Patient Hub in your pocket.


Unlimited map items
Add your own map icons
Any service information
Contact details and opening times

Service Directory

Any services
Group by specialism, site or location
Show on map
Add documents
Show related links


Maternity tour?
Public health information?
Welcome from the Chief Exec?
What will you add to your video feed?

News feeds

Twitter feed
RSS feed
News digests
Rank & sort

Message hub

Targeted Messages
New survey alerts
Event notifications
Automated reports
Attachments & hot links

Patient feedback

Instant feedback
Patient Experience surveys
Transparent log in and smart UX

Welcome and goodbye messages

Trigger a welcome message when patients enter your site or building
Add any number of geo-locations
Invite feedback as people leave your site

Public and private content, and advanced web app features

Dynamically create new segments of content
Set public or private
Allow users to log in and manage their profile settings

All your content is managed dynamically in the simple Control Panel.

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