Our partnerships

We work collaboratively with other experts to get the best results.

This means we exchange advice and expertise and have access to a big toolkit of solutions for problems that our clients my face.

Here are some of the organisations we work closely with:

Captive Minds

  • Our sister company Captive Minds are a seasoned team of branding, communications and PR experts. We like them because they take each client’s challenges on as their own and develop brilliant solutions that deliver real results. With an outstanding team of designers and software developers on board, they are nimble, versatile and resourceful.

InHealth Associates

  • InHealth associates created the Engagement Cycle, a model for involving patients and the public in commissioning. We like them because they did something groundbreaking then worked tirelessly to promote the good practice, delivering real benefits to patients up and down the country.

Institute of Customer Service

  • The Institute of Customer Service is a membership organisation that provides professional leadership for customer care, insight and engagement. We like them because they offer their members not just access to knowledge, research and insight but also tools to effect real change.


  • Learning Pool are a well-established provider of learning management and e-learning solutions. We like them because their clients form a learning community who together build a pool of learning modules that are then shared and freely available to other clients. Underpinned by LearningPool’s brilliant technology, this saves the public sector millions of pounds every year.

Marriott Statistical Consulting

  • The team at Marriott Statistical Consulting have deep expertise and bring the best analytical techniques to the public sector.  We like them because they are true experts who are also exceptionally good at communicating complex statistical concepts in ways that make sense to the layperson.

Methods Analytics

  • The team at Methods are simply brilliant at making sense of data.  Methods Analytics provide a series of powerful applications that enable clinicians and managers to drill down into specific data without losing sight of the big picture. 

Interested in working with us?  Get in touch: info@captivehealth.co.uk